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Shopper bravely fights off gun-wielding robber

This is the nail-biting moment a Brazilian woman appears to risk her life as she courageously grabs the gun of an armed robber who is wrestling her for her bag.

But it’s not all it seems. According to police, the shopper’s impressively brave but somewhat foolhardy fight back was because she had a hunch the weapon was a fake. Mercifully she was right.

The thug got away with cash from the till plus the victim’s car keys and purse, but not before he headbutted her and hit her with the stump of the gun for stubbornly resisting.

Police later tracked the dim-witted hoodie to his parent’s house after a security camera installed outside the shop registered his face and a tracker on the victim’s mobile phone led them to the stolen vehicle which was found parked in the family’s garage.
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7 June
8 June Cindy5665 Japan

Stupid and Retarded woman .

8 June Alexandre Robert

Ah fuck ur back

8 June william bunter

what a prick...and I don't mean the one in the video