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Petit blonde in pink shorts attacks burly man and his car

A pint-sized woman has been filmed repeatedly delivering vicious punches to a burly driver's face in an fit of road rage. The mismatch in size didn't appear to worry the pink-shorted woman, as she lost her rag after being hit from behind in a minor collision near the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. As other drivers tooted their horns, she walked up to the driver of the offending vehicle and kicked his door twice to lure him out of his car. Footage taken by a shocked motorist behind them showed she didn't appear too impressed by his assessment of the situation either after he'd inspected her vehicle.
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10 March
11 March Dug Gulb

When the cops show up , she is the victim... Fug that.

12 March allan scott

i don't advocate hitting women, but when they assault you and keep doing so you don't have to take it. chivalry only goes so far.