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Sickening footage of thugs stomping the head of unconscious man

Thugs beat a man unconscious and brutally stamped on his head in a prolonged, sickening assault. Horrific footage captures the moment the gang jump on and kick the man's head while he lies on the floor motionless - before riffling through his pockets. The appalling attack happened in Manchester city centre on Saturday morning. A bystander tried desperately to shield the stricken man but was fought off by the evil attackers who looked to flee before returning to inflict more damage. At the start of the minute-long clip a group of five men can be seen grappling in the street. At least two of the men are attacking the man while at least one other appears to be trying to protect him. However after several seconds the man is forced to the floor where he is knocked out cold with a number of savage kicks to the head. One of the men, wearing a black jacket with his hood up, stamps on him and kicks him in the head violently several times. Another of the men, wearing white, also appears to rifle through his pockets before the group calmly walk away. It is understood that the fight may have stemmed from an altercation involving the theft of a phone. Police said they were called to the scene and found a 23-year-old man slipping in and out of consciousness. The footage was taken by CCTV belonging to the New Union pub on Princess Street. They have since passed it on to the police. Greater Manchester Police said that after being taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary, medics discovered the man had a fractured eye socket and was discharged later that day. They are now appealing for any witnesses to come forward. Detective Sergeant Natalie Qualters said: 'We know that there were a number of people in the area at the time of the incident, so I am hopeful that there are some people out there who may be able to assist with our investigation.'
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13 March
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Always Cowards..

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Bring back an eye for an eye for this kind of thing