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Angry dad attacks son's bully after fight in games arcade

Shocking CCTV footage has captured the moment a father slaps and punches a schoolboy who fought with his son. The schoolboy had an altercation with the man's son over a basketball machine at an arcade however the man's son appears to hit the schoolboy first. The incident took place in Shenzhen, China's Guangdong province.The CCTV footage shows the man's son having a go at the schoolboy first before the schoolboy then reacts. They had been fighting over a basketball machine. According to reports, the man's son had been told to wait his turn however he then lashes out hitting the schoolboy over the back. The angry schoolboy lashes back. Video footage shows the father rushing over to the schoolboy and punching him across the face. He continues his attack until onlookers intervene. The incident was reported to police who say they are investigating the case. The father is set to incur heavy fines.
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15 March
16 March Dookie Cabron

Don't you push mah boy!!