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Woman Left Deformed After Getting A Tummy Tuck!

Quanna Brown, 34, decided to have the operation in June 2015 after being called ugly and fat with her pregnancy weight.
However, the 'mummy make over' procedure to improve her confidence went wrong. Her incisions opened and became infected. Doctors told her that they had never seen anything like it before, giving her a dose of medication to try and improve her. But her condition worsened and she was rushed to hospital, staying there for 50 days and having to endure five life-saving operations. Now pregnant with her third child, she has been left with a deformed stomach that she struggles to look at.


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21 March
22 March David Huffman

She got pregnant again? After that? You REALLY should be careful not to have more kids if you had such a catastrophic plethora of issues in that region.. as YOU said yourself, "is it really worth it?"