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Horrific footage of victims under abandoned terrorist's car

This is the horrific immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack showing the smoking remains of the abandoned car - with injured victims sprawled across the pavement. The video was taken seconds after the extremist - named as Khalid Masood - smashed his car into the gates of Parliament. The video appears to show at least two people under the front of the car, and another further along the pavement. A 35-year-old, from Watford who filmed the clip, said: "I was there by Westminster with my sister and nephew. "We were planning on going to see London Bridge and take photos there.
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24 March
24 March Chris O'neill

That cunts parents live up the road from me,the police have been all over them.

25 March Dookie Cabron

Hi Chris.....are your parents to blame for all your life choices too?

8 April Chris O'neill

My own parents have nothing to do with my choices.they are my own.i just said the police are all over his parents house.its a small village in wales,but we've had a terrorist training camp that was found there a few years ago.they need to crack down on these fuckers.just make them vanish,I have some fields they can use,I'll even dig the hole.